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An In-Depth Review Of Open Shop WooCommerce Theme

Most of the online shop owners struggle with the design of their shop. If the design is not professional and modern then it is possible that the customers will click off sooner than they clicked on. That is why WordPress themes, especially the WooCommerce ones are so much popular among shop owners. One of them is Open Shop WooCommerce Theme.

It is one of the most popular themes among online shop lovers. They offer some amazing features that are enough to create a whole eCommerce site in a matter of minutes. As an online shop owner, you will need a theme that focuses primarily on eCommerce related features and options. This theme does exactly that.

Don’t believe us? Well, this in-depth review of the Open Shop WooCommerce Theme may change your mind.

Basic Features And Functionalities Of Open Shop WooCommerce Theme

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It has all the basic functionalities in the free versions that you need to setup your online shop. And if you go for the pro version than you really don’t need to do much in terms of designing your site. The theme will take care of everything.

Having said that, let’s see what features you will find in this shopping theme.

One Click Demo Import

It is one of the most interesting feature. You can easily import any of the demo from the templates of one shop to your website.

You can follow the below video to find out.

Check Live Open Shop Theme Demo

Header Layouts

The open shop lets you select layouts for the above and the main header. That means you have complete control of how to design your headers. You can easily add all your social links (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. ) in your site header.

You can enable sticky header so that your header will stick to your site. You can add Call to action button and choose Mobile menu alignment.

Live Search

It is one of the highlight of Open Shop. You can easily search for any product or shop, just like Google search. It will also act like Google autocomplete, that means you will get suggestion as you type each character in the search box.

Color Manager

You can easily change the color of your background and even the whole website using the color manager feature. You have options to pick,

  • Theme color
  • Link color
  • Hover link color
  • Text color
  • Title color.

Product Carousel

This option let’s you add products to your site. By enabling Single Row Slide you can showcase your products in single row. Slide your products using slider button. Such an amazing section to showcase cool products.

You can also add the section title, choose product category and display products on your site.

Quick View

This option enables the customers to get a quick look of your products. That means, customers can know the details of the product without opening the product. Cool, right?

Open Shop Product Quick View
Product Quick View ( Image credit : Themehunk)

Multiple Widget

There are two types of widget in Open Shop WooCommerce Theme. Post and About Us widget.

The Post widget let’s you showcase the informative blogs of your site so that the users can easily find and read them. And you can easily understand from the name that the About Us widget will let you showcase the details of your company.

So, these are the basic functionalities of the Open Shop theme. However, the question may arise how this shopping theme will be of any advantage to you?

Advantages Of Using Open Shop Theme

Open Shop WooCommerce Theme

WooCommerce plugin is made so that people can easily create their dream website or we should say their dream eCommerce site without any hassle. So, it is safe to say that the WooCommerce themes were also made with the same agenda.

This may be one of the main advantages of using a WooCommerce powered theme like Open Shop. Here are some other advantages.

  • It’s completely open-source
  • 100% customizable
  • Great flexibility
  • Great support
  • Optimal Security
  • Free Page Templates
  • Mobile friendly
  • Deeply integrated with WooCommerce plugin.

So, you can see this shopping theme has some great advantages that will obviously work in your favor as a shop owner.

Issues You May Face While Using Open Shop

Although it is a popular theme, it has it’s share of issues as well. Some of the major issues you may face while using Open Shop are,

  • Most of the features are in the premium version
  • Limited support for the free version
  • Content may lose after a theme change, that means your site can break
  • You can’t order section in the free version.
  • You will not get Lifetime Free Updates

So, you can see the Open Shop WooCommerce Theme is not fully perfect.

Our Verdict

After going through all the features, advantages, disadvantages, we can safely say that you can choose the Open Shop theme for your online shop. Although the theme is relatively new to WordPress, it has all the potential to become the next big thing. Also, the developing team is working hard to provide regular updates.


Well, that’s the end of our in-depth Open Shop WooCommerce Theme review. We hope you have found all the details regarding this popular shopping theme as we have tried to provide you with all the possible information.

If you have any comments or query, do share with us.

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